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Three Albums I Wish I Could Hear For The First Time Again

Posted: January 29th, 2010 | Author: admin | Filed under: Uncategorized | Comments Off

Feels Like The Third Time – Freakwater
Actually, contagion as much as I love this album, here what I really want is to relive that first time I saw them live. I was living in Portland, in the throes of a terrible relationship. I had actually been introduced to Freakwater only a couple of weeks before I moved, so I had a brand new tape that I wanted to listen over and over on the way back to Portland with my new terrible girlfriend. Of course, I realized that not everyone wants to listen to the same album over and over, so I kept checking that she wasn’t tire of it and she said she wasn’t – this was the first in a long, long list of… ahem – miscommunications in our relationship. Anyway, at the show an ex of my ex was there, but we talked all regular-like and it was cool. And man, that was the best country music I had ever seen. That same week the new terrible girlfriend dumped me in a new and terrible way, I was very sad and eventually moved to Oakland, which was great. Given how entangled Freakwater’s music was in that relationship, I might have had to stop listening to them – they were there (not them literally, of course) for the beginning, middle and end, but I made a conscious decision that Freakwater was too good to let some stupid girl get in the way of and decided I was going to listen to them in spite of the unfortunate connection. They’re still one of my three favorite bands and when I grow up I want to be just like them.

Glass Houses – Billy Joel
This was the first record I ever bought, back when I was in grade school. I recently re-bought it on mp3, and it’s held up pretty well. I remember thinking it was really cool that someone could write such cool rock songs, but also deep stuff like “Piano Man”. Hey, I was eleven. It’s still a pretty awesome pop album though. I was especially impressed by his fake Italian-y accent on Big Shot.

Horses in the Mines – Bad Livers
The opening lick of the first song, “Where They Do Not Know My Name”, on this album is the most badass banjo lick ever – it sounds like a an intro to a Motorhead song. The first time I heard it was when I bought the album, brought it home and put it in my cd player. I had been playing the banjo really seriously for about a year at the time. Point being that I was technically expecting it – I should have know what was coming. But when I heard that lick I just sort of froze – I really wish I had been holding a vase or something so it could have slipped from my hands to smash on the ground. In my memory of it that’s exactly what happened and if I could do it over again that’s how it would go, even if I had to hold a vase to listen to every new cd I ever heard, just in case. I really hope that happened to someone somewhere, that’s how good that lick is.

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